Transformational Leaders or Paragon Leaders?

Management and Leadership: Conclusions, Consequences and New Directions

Management and leadership are best understood as interactive and complementary. Change oriented management helps the organization remain efficient, effective and focused on advancing the mission. Change leadership focuses on addressing the shifting needs of the organization as it faces an ever evolving, dynamic external environment (Van Til & Swalve, 2001).

Leadership: Key to successful change

The essence of leadership is coping with change. Leadership has become much more important to all organizations as the “world” has become much more volatile and competitive. Technological change on the order of exponential, international competition, rapidly fluctuating economic and political developments and changing demographics are all having major impacts on all our organizations because they are all connected in some way to the “global marketplace.”

The lesson we should take to heart about these global developments is that change is not only necessary, it is inevitable–change is the only constant. In addition, major change is increasingly necessary for any organization, large or small, if it is to survive and compete successfully in an always evolving environment. More change inevitably requires and demands more effective leaders—the organization’s change agents and managers (Connors, 2001).

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