Transformational Leaders or Paragon Leaders?

Accretion of “saintly” attributes: conclusions, consequences and new directions

As society’s issues and problems grow, are we sowing the seeds from which our new leaders will emerge? Or, are we blighting our leadership crop with daunting memes and myths more characteristic of cartoon superheroes, than of you or me?

How many mere mortals are willing to tackle the challenges of leadership if they must inculcate seemingly near perfect core values?

In seeking leadership Zen, have we created factual and reality blindfolds, positioned ourselves at some point around the “leadership elephant,” or even the 600-pound gorilla of “transformational leadership,” then attempted to describe what we’re “seeing”?

Despite the “build-up” around leadership, somewhere over the ephemeral rainbow of saintly attributes and heroic exertions, is there a bigger picture – a more accurate picture – out beyond our blindfolds and our “if they were only really like that” filters?

And, with our focus on the “Who,” are we overlooking or underestimating the importance of the “Where” and “Why” in our Leadership Equation?

Somewhere, beyond the blindfolds and filters, can we find a new perspective on leadership when we shift our focus slightly, from “person” to “purpose”?

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