Future of Nonprofit Management Careers & Professional Advancement 2017

Welcome to the future of nonprofit organization management career perspectives.

As a valued participant in the Futures of Nonprofit Management Careers & Professional  Advancement 2017 Study, you share our goal to better understand the professional development and career advancement needs of leaders and managers of charitable-nonprofit organizations.

The results will be used to:
.  Provide participants with timely career planning information that helps them address the challenges, needs, resources, barriers, and opportunities identified by participants in this study;
.  Provide guidance for management practices research focused on improving the capacity of nonprofit organizations to meet ever-increasing human services needs and challenges; and,
.  Improve and align graduate studies syllabi for professional managers of nonprofit organizations.

As a participant of the study, this is your page to follow its progress.

Twice a month, this page will be updated to provide you  and to get a look at the trends and developments the study is revealing.

The study is in its initial stages, this is not an update.  Future pages at this location will provide insights into such important career planning topics as:

  • Educational backgrounds of nonprofit management professionals.
  • Range of degrees and most frequently earned professional credentials earned by NPO executives.
  • What new professional development resources your NPO management colleagues point to as benefitting their professional advancement.
  • What your colleagues see ahead in nonprofit management training, education, and management practices.
  • What nonprofit management career development resources are needed?
  • The extent to which you and your colleagues value graduate degrees and/or graduate certifications.
  • How valuable graduate degrees and/or graduate certifications are viewed by potential employers.
  • The future career decisions envisioned by your colleagues in nonprofit management positions, are your colleagues planning career changes?
  • What you and your NP management colleagues like best – or find discouraging – about NP management careers.
  • How knowledgeable you – and your colleagues – are in those management actions and activities ranked highest in their contributions to improved organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and transformational organizations.

Thank you for your support.  Please check back in about two weeks.