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  • National Commission on Voluntary Sector Capacity and Sustainability (12/1/2016) - A national dialogue is underway focused on changes ahead for the Public and Private Sectors; however, we have heard nothing about the Voluntary Sector.  Yet we know it will be affected by the types of changes being discussed for the governmental and business sectors.  This Memorandum represents a call to recognize the importance of the … Continue reading National Commission on Voluntary Sector Capacity and Sustainability
  • Nonprofit Management Career Field (11/15/2016) - Since the Filer Commission In 1983, Independent Sector sponsored “Since the Filer Commission,” a research forum conducted in New York, ten years after the Commission on Private Philanthropy and Public Needs had concluded its two-year study into private philanthropic initiatives.  The Filer Commission had published its report, Giving in America: Toward a Stronger Voluntary Sector, … Continue reading Nonprofit Management Career Field
  • Myths of Aging (11/11/2016) - Granny and the Geezer: How myths, stereotypes and prejudice fuel ageism–the Golden Years through a glass darkly. The Golden years are here at last. I cannot see, I cannot pee. I cannot chew, I cannot screw. My memory shrinks, my hearing stinks. No sense of smell, I look like hell. The Golden years have come … Continue reading Myths of Aging
  • Views from a strategic mirror (10/17/2016) - Background: The NPO Strategic Mirror is a convenient tool for senior leaders of nonprofit organization to better understand how — or whether — the organization’s strategic planning and deployment are directly linked to outcomes and results that demonstrate improved mission and public purpose accomplishment. This strategic directions profiling and self-assessment resource is based on the … Continue reading Views from a strategic mirror
  • Management degree (10/12/2016) - A Graduate Certificate or Degree in Management…or Not Should a graduate management degree or certificate be included in my plans to advance my career as a senior manager of a charitable-philanthropic-nonprofit organization? This is a big question – and one with an expensive price tag. What factors should I consider? The news media tell us … Continue reading Management degree
  • What’s In A Name: the future (9/13/2016) - Many of the words we use everyday have been used for hundreds, even thousands, of years by countless generations of our ancestors, most of whom spoke a language derived and descended from Indo-European – the prototype of the majority of the world’s languages spoken today.  Researchers at Reading University concluded that such words as “I”, … Continue reading What’s In A Name: the future
  • Transformational Leaders or Paragon Leaders? (9/11/2016) - Is the "paragon leader” construct what we will need in order to grow voluntary sector capacity and improved organizational performance to the levels it will take to sustain our nation's quality of life as the future becomes the present?
  • The Way Ahead for Charities: E/EAT-ing Towards Excellence (2/27/2016) - Recent discussions in national media, including the WSJ, have highlighted the undeniable need by our charitable organizations to significantly improve their effectiveness, efficiency, accountability and transparency (E/EAT). Some have framed the national dialogue for improved E/EAT as a choice or trade-off by charities between embracing societal values emphasizing more economical allocation and expenditure of public … Continue reading The Way Ahead for Charities: E/EAT-ing Towards Excellence